We are known on the Internet when it comes to Music & Video Promotions.

Ever since we started, we have gotten song downloads on our platform when it comes to promoting Nigerian Music & Video on the Internet.

If you a Musician, Record Label Owner or Artiste/Brand Manager? Contact us to promote and showcase your Artist(s) on our Platform and get to experience the true effectiveness of our online promotions.

Are you a musician looking for a good and unique way of promoting his song online. If Yes, then you should start getting in touch with Mp3musichype. As you know, Mp3musichype is a top entertainment blog which sets out to promote the music culture and preserve the heritage of music.


Mp3musichype has different promotion plans and tactics on board which doesn’t just make it the best music blog but a nice entertainment blog with the best music promotion platform.

Are you a musician, record label, music manager, music artiste or songwriter? You can promote your songs, music videos and your large body of work such as your music albums, mixtapes, EPs and your LPs here on Mp3musichype.
There are so many benefits and privileges to enjoy whenever you promote your Music and Video on Mp3musichype.


The different promotions we offer include

  1. Artiste of the month: As a music artiste, we can create an “Artiste of the Month” column in the sidebar with your picture and a link to where your music is located on our website.
  2. Music of the week: You can get your music and your song to be the Music of the Week here on Mp3musichype. One of the advantages of this option is that your song gets maximum reactions and downloads whenever it is placed at the music of the week section on Mp3musichype.
  3. Song Reviews: You can hire the editorial team of Mp3musichype to write and pen down a music review for your song, video premiere of your music album. One of the key factors of this is that as an upcoming artiste, it makes your fans, people and interested bodies such as record labels and entertainment companies to read about you and your music.
  4. Sticky Post: As time goes on, new contents and posts are published on Mp3musichype. The new ones make the first page and the old ones have to be searched or viewed at the subsequent pages before they are seen. We can make a sticky or a pinned post at the top page of Mp3musichype which will make the post about your music to be viewed even if new posts are being made to update our blog, your post will still remain number one for the amount of time which you want it to remain.
  5. Opinion Poll: At frequent intervals, we can make opinion polls about your music project, songs and music video to keep our readers and visitors engaged on your music.
  6. DJ Monthly Mixtape: From the year 2019, we will be releasing our monthly mixtape on our blog. The monthly mixtape will feature the songs of A-list musicians and the best songs that were released in that month or in season. You can contact us to get your songs on our monthly mixtape.
  7. Website Background TakeOver: We can make a website background takeover for your music to ensure that your music or music video reaches to a larger audience.
  8. Interviews: You can get to book an interview with Mp3musichype whenever you feel your song, music video or album has stroked the airwaves
  9. Editorial: You can meet us at Mp3musichype to publish your biography, social media handles, contacts, and lyrics of your songs here at Mp3musichype.
  10. Top 10 Songs of the Month: If your song is good, it has the chance and tendency to be included in our top ten songs for that month. This is a plus and a bonus for you and your career because it will make people who haven’t downloaded your song to search for you and your music.

Leave a message on WhatsApp or give us a call today on +2348061122538  if you are interested in reaching out to us and promoting your music/video on Mp3musichype.

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