Make Your Music Go Viral On Mp3MusicHype Music Platform (Full Benefits Of Promoting Your Music With Us)

As a musician, record label executive, artiste manager, music artiste and A & R group of recording companies, there is a need to promote and push your music content. I don’t need to lay much emphasis on why you should promote your music.

Promotion gets you much hype, attention, and attraction to your music. Without online promotion, you won’t be able to have an online fanbase and kick-start your music career.

Here at Mp3musichype, we can make your music popular and we will work to get you the needed hype which is required to push your music to the next level.

You know quite well that the Music industry is a competitive one which doesn’t depend solely on talent to push your music, you can be good but still yet, an artist who has no talent might be doing well and better than you.

The reason is that they don’t joke when it comes to promoting your music.

Are you a musician (Rapper, singer, music artiste)?

Are you an artiste manager who is looking for a good music distribution company to work with?

Are you part of the executive board of a Recording company or an Entertainment company?

Are you looking for a good website to promote your music?

Do you need a good music channel which will distribute your songs to different channels?

Are you looking for a good website that will get you the maximum downloads required for your music?

Do you need a music analyst who will review your music and increase your online publicity?

Are you looking for a skilled and professional music specialist who you will meet for music management and consultancy?

Do you need a Heavy publicity for your branded work?

Are you looking out for ways on how to monetize your music and make money from it?

If Yes, why don’t you promote your song with the fastest growing music distribution and promotion company?

Then you are on the right track to making your dreams a success.

Mp3musichype is the last bus stop and your best answer to get the required promotion and hype for your music. Our traffic stats and our download rates are increasing on a daily basis.

If you have a song, a track or a music video and you want the whole universe to know about it, why don’t you contact Mp3musichype to get it done for you?

The Mp3musichype team is ready and available and we work 24/7, visit our contact us page. With our continuous experience, skill, and expertise which we have in the digital realm of Music marketing/Online promotion.

We are getting more visits to our site on a daily basis, why don’t you use this opportunity to get your music at Mp3musichype.

Do you know that your music project can be displayed before millions of people? As a branded platform, Mp3musichype is one of the frontline music channels and we are ranked as one of the Top Rated Music Promo Platform in and out of Nigeria.

As songs go through a thorough review before it is uploaded to our server, we promote all Kinds of music be it Gospel music, Trap, Afropop, Soul, Hip-hop, Rap, ReggaeRnB, Club disco and many other types and genres of music both locally and Internationally. We look forward to branding, guiding and grooming all that are able and ready in working with us.

Our Marketing and promotion campaigns use different tactical, structural and strategic methods which are set out in place to build brand awareness as well as creating a grassroots movement for all who are interested in building their structure with us.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of Promoting your Music/Video with

1. Your song gets posted on our official Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Google Plus account and other social media networks.

2. A special page will be created for you here on our site here on Mp3musichype, where information such as your contacts, social media handles/profiles, and your music materials (songs, videos, album) is stored.

3. You get a discount whenever you promote more than 3 songs with us in a calendar year.

4. As a music producer, you can get to sell your instrumentals right here on Mp3musichype.

5. You get to sell your music easily at any price of your choice [OPTIONAL].

6. You get a discount whenever you drop an EP or an album with us.

7. As a music producer who has registered his name with us, you get to upload your free beats and instrumentals on Mp3musichype.

8. You get a sharp increase and boost your online popularity and fanbase.

9. Our site users and visitors can listen, download and stream your music online easily.

10. As a music artiste, you get consultancy tips and for your music career when you come to us.

11. Your song/music video automatically gets a unique review here on Mp3musichype published on our review & editorial page (THIS WILL HELP INCREASE THE HYPE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR MUSIC)

12. Your brand (music, songs, biography, and your stage name) is recognized and seen on the internet anytime it is being searched by search engines [Google, MSN, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing etc]

13. Your Fans, your family and your friends can easily search for your name on the internet.

14. You can track your music download statistics and page rate (OPTIONAL)

15. With the social buttons such as the tweet button for twitter and share button for facebook, you get to Inform others about your music and your songs here on Mp3musichype with a single click brands and interested bodies such as Record labels, show promoters, music producers can contact you with the help of Your Music page here on Mp3musichype

16. You get to give out details of your social media profiles such as Facebook account/page, Twitter ID, Instagram Account and Phone Number right here with the Help of your Mp3musichype page (OPTIONAL)

17. You also get to Connect your external pages and accounts such as your Reverb Nation, Hulkshare, Itunes, Apple Music, Youtube, Soundcloud etc here on Mp3musichype (OPTIONAL)

18. We know that you are already Interested in our services and working with us, we are going to use the right medium to promote your music as you come to us here at Mp3musichype.

How Can I Promote My Song On Mp3musicHype?

Feel Free To Contact Us

OPTION 1: send us a mail containing your song media file, the graphics/artwork for the work, the name of the producer, names of the featured artistes on the song or project (If its an album, mixtape or EP) and include the song description and send to or

OPTION 2: Get in touch with us on WhatsApp or send an SMS or dial +2348061122538 and receive instructions and essential details of our music promotion plans on how to send in your song will be made known and clear to you.

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