[INTERVIEW] I Want To Use My Music As A Tool To Educate and Influence The Society - Vio Puissant

In today’s spotlight edition, we have a young rapper who is acting his plays according to how he wrote the script. He is no other person than Vio Puissant.

Vio Puissant is a Port Harcourt based musician that makes hip-hop music, reggae music, and trap. Vio is definitely up to something, he started off his Instagram freestyle sessions, “Bezalel” and he will be releasing his mixtape soon. He has a track out on the streets, No Shakey Rara feat Tizzy.

Recently, Vio Puissant challenged rappers for not speaking on the pogroms and killings which are ongoing in Benue state, he further charged them to start addressing the ills of the society as they can reach out to millions of people with their music. Vio takes us back to his childhood days, he speaks on how he found rap music, his challenges, and his progress as a music artiste.

Mp3MusicHype: Can you tell us a description of who you are?

Vio Puissant: Well, I’m Ifeanyi Obinna, just a young boy born and breed in the city of Port Harcourt. A sucker for knowledge in a different art form, no wonder I found myself doing music, and not to forget I’m an introvert.

Mp3MusicHype: How did you come up with the stage name, Vio Puissant?

Vio Puissant: Before “VIO” I was once called “FenzyFlames”. The name VIO is the initials of my name that I was usually called during my early sec.school days. “Victorious Ifeanyi Obinna” and coincidentally that happens to be the name of one of my art mentor ( Romano Vio) who was an Italian sculptor even though am not into sculpturing.

The other “Puissant” is a French word for “Influence”, which I want to influence my society.

Mp3MusicHype: What type of music do you do?

Vio Puissant: I do all kind of music that is related to hip-hop, but for my main sound, I do reggae-trap hip-hop. It just happens that am not dishing out my main sound for now due to some reasons.

Mp3MusicHype: Vio, what really inspired you to start making hip-hop music, are they not other genres of music which you like?

Vio Puissant: Many things inspired me to make hip-hop music, but I’ve to give credit MI’s ” Talk about it” Yes! That single tape changed me from hip-hop lover to a hip-hop head. I must commend Jude Abaga for that tape, it changes my views on Nigerian rap progress.

Mp3MusicHype: The lyric quote from the song “I must talk, I must flow”.  Is there anything you aim to achieve with your music?

Vio Puissant: A well felt activism and education through hip-hop music. I want my music to build a good positivity in my little way to every home in the world mostly African, kind of a revolutionary thing.

Mp3MusicHype: Wow, that nice to hear. tell us about the challenges which you are facing as a music artiste?

Vio Puissant: First things first. Finance, this really stops my works to go to the exact audience that needed this, due to lack of massive promo. This alone sometimes kills my spirit but I always pick up myself after such moments and move ahead

Ability to pass a meaning message disguised in a watery commercial form. Majority of Nigeria music lovers love dancing and not listening to the lyrics. So, in order to gain their attention, you have to water down to their understanding and give them knowledge in a watery form.

This is very stressful though, cause you did be thinking about how to add Nonsense in order to gain their attention and at the end, you might be mixed up the message

Family and friends also, everybody keep asking you ” Guy when you go blow?”, ” Do Blow Abeg” “You think sey this your lyrics go sell for Naija? Abeg sing baby whine am”

The pressure is much that nobody cares if you’re passing a meaning message all they care have you been a household name (which they’re right though) but they don’t encourage you psychologically. I use to tell them “Guy I enjoy what I’m doing by his grace is gonna go places with my music someday”.

Mp3MusicHype: Who is the role model you respect in the music industry?

Vio Puissant: Kendrick Lamar dude is a prophet of our own time, I learn from everything about him from his music, freestyle sessions, interviews and whatever. My generation is blessed for such a body carrier of art and truth. MI Ababa, Jhene Aiko, Beyonce, Brymo, Nas, B.I.G, Lauryn Hill, Frank Ocean, JayZ, Whitney Houston.

Mp3MusicHype: What upcoming projects do we expect from you?

Vio Puissant: Be expecting my upcoming mixtape “Flawless Dreams Lawless Society” talking about a young author and rapper encounters in my city. Y’all might be getting my upcoming Instagram freestyle series called “Bezalel“.

Mp3MusicHype: Are you working with any featured artistes on that project?

Vio Puissant: Yes, some handful, Browny, Nash, Tizzy, Badman, Rhymzy, KFaya, Flyy.

Mp3MusicHype: In the next 5 years, where do you see Vio Puissant?

Vio Puissant: I want to see myself become a strong figure in the music world that Africa will be proud of. Be a symbol of positiveness in every ghetto boy that gat a dream.

Mp3MusicHype: Is there anybody who you will like to give a shoutout or recognize with this interview?

Vio Puissant: Yes! My friend Isaac Aniefiok, dude has been supporting the movement from day one. He always makes me know that nothing can stop my goal except myself. Been supporting financially, psychologically and even spiritually. Thanks, bro, I bless the day we both cross part as friends.

And to those that have helped VIO in one way or the other, God bless Y’all.

Mp3MusicHype: Thanks for being with us for the interview, any last remarks?

Vio Puissant: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to connect to the world and my fans most especially. Special shout out to Gracious Zara, I deeply appreciate your efforts.


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