How To Get A Music Consultant In Nigeria

As a Music artiste, you are faced with handling a lot of things in your career ranging from music marketing, music distribution, music promotion, artiste management, career management, and publicity.

Are you a music artiste who is on the lookout for a bankable and reliable music consultant who has a high level of expertise and experience in the music market and in the music industry?

Good news, here at Mp3musichype, we offer music management and consultancy services to record labels, recording companies, corporate brands, established artistes, upcoming artistes, and independent music artistes.

As a branded music promotion company, Mp3musichype is very much interested in the growth, development, expansion, and establishment of music artistes and the music industry. Here at Mp3musichype, we don’t underestimate, undervalue and undermine our clients. We give them a good run and chase for their money.

Get A Music Consultant At Mp3MusicHype

Mp3musichype believes in the skill, talent, and potential of every music artiste to do exploits and surpass his limits and boundaries. This is the primate reason why our team at Mp3musichype has made it compulsory to contribute to the growth of the music industry.

Mp3musichype has made it mandatory to support music artistes irrespective of their race, religion, tribe, style of music, the genre of music and financial power.

The consultancy team at Mp3musichype is ever ready to assist every music artiste in every dilemma, hindrances, roadblocks, obstacles, hurdles, problems, and challenges which are giving them tough times in their various careers. Mp3musichype offers consultancy services

Our Consultancy team has solved common problems such as

  1. Financing the careers of music artistes.
  2. Helping artistes to make money as a musician.
  3. Helping music artistes generate revenue from their music.
  4. Getting a good music manager for music artistes.
  5. Giving quality pieces of advice and consultancy to music artistes.
  6. Getting corporate bodies and brands to support your music career.
  7. Getting sponsorship deals and sponsors for your music career
  8. Getting signed to a record label
  9. Acting as a mediator whenever a conflict arises in a record label over a music contract
  10. Promoting your music to any level (locally and internationally)
  11. Helping music artistes to raise enough funds to launch their music albums
  12. Helping music artistes in selling their music album
  13. Helping music artistes to get their deserved royalties from their music.
  14. Finding good shows that pay music artistes after each performance.
  15. Creating a website for a record label.
  16. Creating a website for music artistes.
  17. Managing the social media accounts of music artistes.
  18. Getting the songs and music videos of music artistes to different media platforms and channels.
  19. Distribution of the songs, videos and music projects (music albums, mix-tapes, EPs) to different outlets.
  20. Getting the music clips and videos of music artistes on cable television (Trace TV, MTV Base, Soundcity TV)
  21. Marketing the music and songs of music artistes
  22. Getting the songs of music artiste on radio airplay
  23. Submission of your music to Disc Jockeys (DJs) and Alaba mixtapes
  24. Submission of your songs in a media file to record labels, recording companies, and entertainment companies for consideration of offering music artistes a contract.

We offer consultancy services here at Mp3musichype, and as you come to us, the Mp3musichype consultancy team are ever ready to take your calls and requests. We have a team who are interested in you and interested in the advancement and growth of your music career.
Leave a message or give us a call or today on +2348061122538. You can contact us online and send a mail to the team at

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