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Monday, 7 May 2018

Why Most Upcoming Artistes Fail to Blow And Make It Big in Nigeria

The Reason Why Upcoming Artistes Fail To Make It In The Music Industry
Nigeria is a blessed country as it is blessed to have endowed with natural resources among of which are Crude oil, Coal, Tin, Iron-ore, Gold, and others. Even with these natural resources at its disposal, it is filled with talents as more and more people are springing up from the nooks and crannies of her surroundings every day by day showing their God-given gifts in the field of entertainment.
You see people making mind-blowing dance moves, free-styling and displaying skills with a football and young youths who are in the field of entertainment singing and rapping on the streets.The music scene isn’t left out as you can find talented artistes and musicians in every corner and that is the reason why everybody wants to make it BIG just as that superstar who you aspire or like to be like, came on the scene and wowed the world.
Today, after our research, we are going to tell you Top Reasons why most Upcoming artistes fail to make it big in the field of entertainment(BLOW)as an Unsigned or Independent Artiste. If you are an aspiring musician or an upcoming artiste, then you should read this post because it will be helpful to you.
As an upcoming artiste, you should have your faith and trust solely on God, seek him with all your heart, because if it is his will that you will become that superstar you desire to be then that is how it will be. God is the creator of the whole universe, it is him who made all things including you. Hello, I want you to know that you didn't make yourself, neither did you make your talent. Yes, he is the one who gave you that talent and he can still take it away if it pleases him.
A lot of upcoming artistes fail to see that the celebrated and popular A-List artistes were once upcoming artistes and they never gave up their trust in their maker.
All music artistes which you are currently buzzing and dropping hits on your television screens were once upcoming artistes. Believe it or not, all music artistes which you can name from the back of your head all started from somewhere, and they had a beginning, they were once upcoming artistes before they got they made it to the level or feat which they have achieved. Popular rapper and Chocolate City president, Jude Abaga is popularly known as MI Abaga was once singing in the choir and he developed his craft, due to his interest in music, his mother bought him a 7 key piano which further developed and channeled him to the point where he is today, his brother Jesse Garba Galeya Abaga popularly known as Emperor Jagz or Jesse Jagz or Supreme Emperor or Jargo also started at an early age by learning how to play the drumset and keyboard in the church.
Ayo Balogun Ibrahim also was known as Wizkid isn’t left out, he also started from the church at an early age of 11, when was when he was a rapper, he dropped a 7 track album which he released at that point in time, and even Wande coal etc all knew that one day their hustle and their efforts will bear fruits; all these are your favorite musicians and this was how their journey started. Whenever you wake up every morning as you pray for yourself, bless your music and career, if you need sponsors or good record labels to sign you then ask God and they will come.
Don’t put your trust in your producer or in the beauty of your voice(music) because they will all fail you but God will never fail you. If you know that you are finding it hard to find finances to push your career, pray for God to help you and turn your financial life around, do not doubt this point, God exists and he will continue to answer you as long as he lives.
Virtually every upcoming artiste thinks that in order for him to make a song that will go viral and announce his name to the industry, he/she must make a song that fits into the market structure. To further throw more light on this, Nigeria music market is a high consuming audience which is filled with intense competition which is filled with challenges and in order to make yourself valid and relevant, you will have to offer the audience what they want to hear.
So many upcoming artiste feel that they won't be noticed or that their songs won't go far if it's not a club banging song or if the Beat isn’t enticing enough, or if its not a Love song for the ladies or if half naked girls are not there in your music video, then your music won't go far. When you have this mindset that you won't BLOW without making a club banging song then you are wrong because actually, people are making it BIG without making a Club song or a Dancehall song.
The likes of Adele who dropped Hello, a song that is more like a soft song with no noise of banging drums at all just went viral worldwide and it currently has more than a Billion Views on Youtube which is Record-Breaking.
If you are a good artiste, then you can make it no matter how the style of your music sounds, you will make it in the industry. I have seen upcoming musicians doing the same thing which is making music but I’m yet to see anyone doing a different thing. I get fazed when i see uprising artistes making music upon music but yet it seems like they are not going to make it anytime soon. The reason is that a lot of them are doing the same thing back to back if your first song is about money and women, then why will your next three songs still talk about women.
As a music artiste, you are to have different plans and options for you, because if the Plan A fails, you can switch and move to Plan B and make corrections to cover any lapses and loopholes. But No, a lot of upcoming artistes  do not think about that, most of them do not think about how to put their career on track but what first comes to their mind is not to get a mouthwatering record deal with a top record label.
That may not happen because you are not the only one who is trying to get the attention of record labels, so the first thing on your mind should be on how to put your career on track and take it to the next level.
You can choose to make a music which nobody is currently doing. Take a quick glance at Mr Eazi, he brought the Pon Pon Pon sound which he named "Banku Music" and after dropping Bankulize, Anointing, Leg Over, Kpamurege, Short Skirt, Tilapia, Fight etc,you will realize that he brought this sound on board, he stuck to it and developed it and so far it has been working well for him because he came in the music industry and became an instant hit in the market. After winning the Headies 2016 next rated awards ahead of Tekno, he is soing well continentally as he is also being nominated for Afrimma awards which is an achievement for him. So far, he found the light out of the tunnel for most music artistes who so far has been tapping from his sound.
As a music artiste, you would have heard of "For Life", "Mad Over You" by Runtown and "Mama" by Mayorkun and tell me who the style of music, they are using.
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The bitter truth is that most upcoming artistes haven't developed their talent but they run to any genre of music like Rap or Hip Hop just to see if they will thrive in that field. The desire of these upcoming artistes is to commercialize the music and get money.
Making money isn’t a bad idea but when you don’t have a passion for what you are doing and you are just doing that thing to get something in return, you will end up giving up when things don’t work out the way you planned because you don’t have the love for that craft. As a music artiste, it is the passion inside you that will keep the hope and dream alive.
So if you are doing music, there must be a driving force which propels you to make music. If you have that fire in you then you have to kindle that fire and keep it burning
So Hello There, What is Your Purpose for Venturing Into Music?
No man is an Island, yes, In whatever you do, you will need hands be it in building or reconstructing anything, You are gonna need hands. As an upcoming artiste that is getting to the status of becoming a professional artiste, You will need hands in helping you get to your desired point or level that you wish to be.
One of these is hooking up with a fellow musical artistes who are doing better than what you are currently doing, it is not compulsory to feature him in your song but make sure that you learn something from him and add it to your craft, with that way you will improve and add more to your ability. Upcoming artistes should learn to collaborate and work together with one another and not compete against themselves.
No matter the type of music that you are into, be it Hip-Hop, Rap, Fuji, Reggae, Dancehall, RnB, Trap, Highlife and others you should see to it that you are Unique and that you stand out from the rest of the other musicians who are into that type of music you are doing. There must be something or a relative feature that will differentiate your style of music from the other musicians in that genre.
As an upcoming artiste, you don’t have to copy that so call A-List artiste because you are his Number #1 Fan or that you like the way he raps and that is what you wanna rap like him. I have been invited as a judge to lots of talent hunts, competitions, and auditions in and outside of Lagos.
In these competitions. I noticed about 85% of the singers who came for the audition sounded like Wizkid and Phyno, there was no trace of originality in them. As an up and coming artiste, you should be aiming to change the game and bring something new to the Industry.
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