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Thursday, 7 June 2018

[MUSIC PRODUCERS] Upload Your Freebeats and Instrumentals on Mp3MusicHype For Free

How To Upload Your Instrumental Online For Free
As a music producer, there is a great need and necessity for free beats and instrumentals which are produced by you to be viewed, located and downloaded by people and even musicians. The reason is that it gives you a very good online presence and it gives you recognition. Potential clients, customers, and music artistes will be willing to work with you if they like the tone and sound of the instrumentals which you might have produced.


Mp3musichype is opening the section of Free beats and Instrumentals category in which established, freshman, newbie, upcoming and professional music producers and sound engineers can upload and promote their works (instrumentals) online.

The Advantages of Uploading and Promoting Your Beats at Mp3musichype
  1. It gives you a good recognition whenever your free beat or instrumental is downloaded and gains acceptance by fans online.
  2. Potential fans, customers, and clients will get in touch with you.
  3. Your social media handles, contact information will be published along with the post to which your instrumental or free beat is being published.
  4. As a music producer, you can get contacted by record labels and music artistes for instrumental and beat production.
  5. You get full credit for your instrumental or free beats, Mp3musichype reserve or receives no credit or ownership of any free beat or instrumental which is produced and made by any music producer.
  6. You can get signed as an in-house music producer if they feel that your beats and instrumentals are good.

How To Upload My Instrumentals and Free beat on Mp3musichype For Free

In order to regulate the entries which we receive, all music producers who are interested in uploading and promoting their beats and instrumentals on Mp3musichype will have to register with us to promote any instrumental which they want to release for a year. We are not charging anybody, but we decided to make it open and plain that the service is free but we don’t accept any instrumentals from anybody unless instrumentals which are made by the music producers who have registered themselves with Mp3musichype.
The registration fee is N1000 (Nigerian Naira), it is quite affordable and low for the service to which it is being paid for. If you are from any country other than Nigeria (United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, Sierra Leone), you can still upload your free beats and instrumentals but you will need to contact our customer care service and you will be directed. All registered music producers get to upload their instrumentals here for a period of One year. For example, as a music producer, if you registered with Mp3musichype on Friday, 20th of April 2018, you will upload and promote your instrumentals for a period of one year, and you will have to renew your registration. If you want to release five instrumentals a month, it is fine by us, since you are a registered music producer at Mp3musichype, we will promote and publish your works.


If you want to know more information about this and discuss something else with us other than we listed above?
Leave a message or give us a call or today on +2348108386006 or +2349096903556. You can reach us via email by sending a mail to Zarazzini@gmail.com or send a mail to the team at Jayzeedexnation@gmail.com
Thank You.

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