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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Why The Whack Rappers are Doing Better Than The Skilled Rappers [See Reason]

Whack Rappers and Worst rappers

The Reason Why The Whack Rappers Are Getting All the Hype

The wave of Hip Hop In Nigeria leaped bounds and created a way for many and more rappers to come into Hip-Hop to explore and make exploits. The rappers in Nigeria and other countries of the world continue to increase in numbers. Any Musician you find on the street that can't sing is already a rapper, many will agree but a few will argue. A lot of musicians who are not coached and groomed take Hip-Hop as an avenue for making thug-like gangster music and this makes them spit out trash with no inspiration, wordplay, and lyrical content.

Why The Whack Rappers Keep Getting the Hype And The Talented Rappers Suffer.

As funny as it sounds, the whack rappers who keep spitting trash from their vocals are the ones getting all the publicity and hype while the intelligent and talented rappers who has the best songs in terms of lyrical exploration do not receive credit for their works. At times, i wonder if rappers like Vic O, etc have fans who listen to the Sh*t that emanates from their vocals. IF NO, then why are they getting massive airplay? why are their videos been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people?
A popular rapper In Nigeria admitted that the sixth music album he dropped in the country will be his last. Meanwhile, he was not retiring from making music at the moment when he made that statement. But what made him utter such statement? After spending quality time writing songs, paying a fee for recording and for studio sessions plus video shoot, then no one will support you and pay attention to your music.
Three Years ago from now, precisely in 2015, two high profile rappers in the American music industry, Drake and Meek Mill dissed themselves to the point where they had to make diss tracks against each other to the love and pleasure of their fans, a good example of such song is Energy.
An Italian based Nigerian rapper with the name, Vic O used that avenue to make a name for himself and become popular in Nigerian music market. It was alleged that Vic O said on Twitter that he will drop a diss track both for Meek mill and Canadian rapper, Drake only if he got 5,000 Retweets and he got what he wanted. This is however true after that he dropped a whack song which was followed by a poor music video for the over-hyped song which trended on social media platform, Twitter and on video streaming sites such as Youtube.
The clip to the “Drake vs Meek Mill Diss” done by Vic O currently has more than 700,000 thousand views on that video alone, he also had a video titled “After Party” which was done in his sitting room which had a poor video quality but yet the video has 777,232 views on Youtube and that has been making money for him. You might be wondering how a rapper of little quality like Vic O made so much hype and attention for himself, while the rappers who use the best punchlines and claim to be the best emcee when it comes to freestyle beg for a feature, or go commercial just for people to know that he still makes music. Some rappers have entered into friendships and relationships with certain music producers just for those producers to offer him the best production quality and the only result that comes out from such partnerships is the rapper turning into a singer.
Having watched all this drama, I came into a conclusion that the talented rappers who give out their best when it comes to spitting 16 bars on any Hip-Hop song don't do the promotion required to push that song to where it is supposed to be heard.
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