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Thursday, 3 May 2018

MUSIC REVIEW: Blessings by Ken P; A good song with high hopes

Ken P Blessings Music Review
Irrespective of the religion which anybody belongs to, both Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism,  Black magic, Traditional worship and even atheist. There is one thing which is common among them and that is the act of praying and wishing for blessing and good tidings upon their life. That is the same case with Ken P, an upcoming artiste with a difference and potential.
A short biography of Ken P is that his real name is Kenechukwu Omenakaya, he is a blogger, webmaster, tech-savvy, musician and a graphics designer. His stage name is Ken P which is derived from his names Kenechukwu (which means show appreciation and thanks unto God) and Prince (which serves as his English name). Ken P is an upcoming artiste with a difference, however, he isn't new to the music scene but he is on his way to hitting stardom.
He has some songs to his credit which include Blessings (released on the 17th of April 2017), Go Low (which was produced by Sense Beat was released on the 5th of December 2016) and Erinma (which is produced by Slyxxy, was released on the 17th of December 2016). However, Ken P has some other songs which he made guest and featured appearances such as Rotate by FD, KpaKpaNkolo which was produced by KezyKlef was made by Nec C making Squancy and Ken P the only two featured music artistes on the record.


Blessings is a song made by Kenechukwu Omenakaya, the song is produced by foreign-based musician Slyxxy, who is pursuing a Masters programme in an undisclosed country in Europe. Ken P outlines the dream of every human being which is to make money, build houses, buy good cars, live a good life and to live a comfortable life.
Ken P connects to his fans on the record “Blessings” and makes them understand that its a blessing to give things to people and it is a blessing to receive goodies from people. Ken P prays that everybody will receive his blessings and gifts from God.
It is a good thing to make money, to buy cars, to give birth to children and these are blessings but a lot of people will not be able to understand this concept. A lot of women in the society take their God-given children as curses and the mothers throw away and kill the babies at birth, some even go to the extent of aborting the baby while in the womb. To some other people, it is a curse for them to have money because even with the money they have, they find it hard and impossible to live a good life and a comfortable life while having money. A lot of people have money but they face troubles, challenges, problems and issues which money itself can’t solve.
Out of the inspiration of making music, Ken P pens down his heart on a paper and goes to the studio to express himself and pours out his heart on the record which is today known as “Blessings”. If you are pregnant and you give birth to a baby girl, but meanwhile your prayer and earnest wish was to give birth to a baby boy, you should appreciate that child and not feel bad.
A critical look into the song will make you understand that every good thing comes from God, be it riches, wealth, properties, money, mansions, wife, husband, job, children and even health comes from God.
This is a critical review of Ken P’s “Blessings” produced by Slyxxy.

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