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Monday, 7 May 2018

5 Lessons Every Music Artiste Should Learn From Wizkid

5 Lessons Every Music Artiste Should Learn From Wizkid
Wizkid is a music artiste and a musician which everybody aspires to be and emulate. His recognition, awards, success, and progress is something which every music artiste would like to have. Wizkid came into the music industry under the umbrella on the Empire States Entertainment (E.M.E) record label led by Bankole Wellington (Banky W) and soon he captured the whole country in no distant time with his “Holla At Your Boy” track.
Wizkid has been doing things which every musician in Africa and in Nigeria will find it difficult and hard to do. An example of them is getting featured on Drake’s “One Dance” and also getting the same Drake on his song “Come Closer” or “Hush Up The Silence”. He also made a name for himself after getting listed to perform at the 2018 Coachella Music and Arts Festival alongside Beyonce and Eminem. He won the “Best International Act” at the 2018 MOBO awards after getting nominated alongside icons like Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Drake and some other music greats.

The Lessons and Tips Which Every musician Should Learn From Starboy Wizkid.

  1. Talent
As a musician, you need to have the talent and skill which will distinguish you from another music artistes in the industry. A lot of musicians know nothing about music, a lot of musicians will tell you that music is all about making people happy or dance but that’s is not true. Even Femi Kuti, the first son of the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti acclaimed that “Every musician should know how to play a musical instrument”. A lot of music artistes came in the music industry for commercial reasons and that is the reason why they go into a music studio and garbage dirt in the vocal booth all and at the end of the day, their vocals sound nice and sweet because of Autotune. From the very first day Banky W set his eyes on Wizkid, he knew that Wizzy was talented and he had to offer him a record deal before other record labels snap him off his fingertips. You should have the talent and skill which is needed in a music artiste. As a rapper, one skill you are expected to have is “free-styling”, even if you cant freestyle for long periods of time, but yet, you are expected to be able to twist and make up lines in a short space of time.
  1.  Hardworking
Wizkid is a hardworking musician. Recently, in the month of April 2018, he released four music tracks with the names Commando, Lagos Vibes, Aphrodisiac and Highgrade all in a single day. Since day one, Wizkid has been hardworking and this shows you that hard work really pays. Ever since he came on board, a lot of people have appreciated his effort because he seems to be goods in any type of music where he sets his vocals on. He experimented with so many genres of music and this made him so versatile. Every musician should be hardworking, you should learn to write more songs, do more rehearsals and practice, visit the music studio frequently and learn from different music producers.
5 Lessons Every Music Artiste Should Learn From Wizkid
Wizkid In The Studio
  1. Perseverance
Not every music artiste will stay in a record label where he makes a majority of the revenue of the record label and yet gets a penny from it. When Wizkid was in E.M.E, there was a moment where he was highly needed in major events in and out of Nigeria as he was called up for shows. He made at least 25 million naira every month and due to his existing recording contract with the record label, he made only 6 million out of the 25 million. Wizkid endured all these till the last day of his contract with the label. Although, there were moments whereby he wanted to leave the record label. Every other music artiste might leave the record label and the next possibility and outcome of such movements is the case being settled in the law court.
  1. Consistency
One of the things you must know as a music artiste is that the music industry waits for no one. If the audience is the fans are not feeling you then they are obviously feeling another person. As a music artiste, once you start relenting and your songs are not making waves, you will start to be ignored.
If you can drop your songs every 2 months, you should stick to it because it contributes to the growth of your career. Your career should be consistent, you shouldn’t drop a track and then drop another song after the next 6 months. Consistency creates the momentum which your career needs, without it you may be a one-hit wonder.
  1. Versatility
From 2009 to now, a lot of people don’t know that Wizkid was once a rapper. Versatility is something which shouldn’t be toyed with. A lot of musicians are able to sing, rap and produce at the same time and that’s a unique combination. When you are versatile, you will go far in the music industry. Haven’t you heard Wizkid on several types and genres of music be it Afrobeats (Ojuelegba), Trap (Jaiye Jaiye[International Version], Oluwaseyi by Naeto C), Afropop (Show You The Money, Expensive Shit) and yet you love him because of his sound? Versatility is a key which can unlock a lot of doors for you as a music artiste in the music industry.

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